Trio15Beyma 西班牙气动号角 – 越南客户反馈

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“我已经使用了Trio15Beyma 喇叭有三个月了, 现在我可以提供下面的听感反馈:

这对喇叭的声音品质对于我来说是如此的独特。音乐听起来棒极了,我听音乐的时候抑制不住地用脚踩着节拍,令我非常投入。音场扩展成3D的感觉, 比我以前所用的JBL Ti 5000要好很多。一切都如身临其境。

中频细节非常丰富,在音场中略微向前, 这正是我所想要的,我可以听到歌者的呼吸和偶然的唇动。低音柔和有力,充满了房间。 声场的前方宽阔,深度明显。 毫无疑问, 我认为我找到了在此价位最超值扬声器。 – Tuan”

After 3 months using the Trio 15 Beyma, now I can give you my feedbacks as the following:

“The speaker is certainly so unique in terms of SQ for most audiophile people in Vietnam. The music was simply amazing. My feet keep tapping on the floor all the time. It was so musically involving for myself. The soundstage has extended with 3D image which is much better than the previous speaker JBL Ti5000. Everything becomes more lively.

The midrange was wonderfully detailed and a bit forward which exactly what I need, I can hear and feel the breath and the suddent moves of lips of the singer now. The bass is softly punchy and full in the room. The Soundscape width front was so wide and Soundscape Depth behind the speakers was clear.

No doubt, I found the speakers best value for The Money.”