2016 X-Fi Show 荷兰音响展

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2016年9月, 以色列纯音携带15寸加顶级德国全频型号, 和10寸德国气动高音型号参加荷兰音响展。 展会后, 一名资深的发烧友发邮件给以色列纯音CEO Ze’ev Schlik 先生说:

Hello Ze’ev
I have visited your listening room today at X-Fi…
Personally I own Tannoy DC10A, so I’m not in the market for a new speaker (Lachen),
BUT if I were… your Trio 15 Voxativ would fill the bill. To me THE best sound on the show.
You manage to let a 6.500 € speaker sound like a 30.000 € speaker, where most manage to let a
30.000 € speaker sound like a 1.000 € soundbar….. (Onbeslist).
All I can say : Congratulations !
All the best
Marc Van der Veken”

“我参观了您在X-Fi的展房。我现在使用天朗DC10A型号,所以我并不需要购买新音箱。 但是如果我要买新音箱的话。。。您公司的Trio15Vox 将是我的选择。对我来说, 这是展会上声音最好的展房! 你的产品,虽然在6500欧元价位,听起来却如同一个3万欧元的声音。市场上太多的喇叭虽然标价3万欧元, 却听起来是1000欧元的声音。 我能说的是: 祝贺您的成功! – Marc Van der Veken”

Just a quick shout out to the show cased Trio10 MundorfAMT:
I’ve heard almost all the systems at the X-Fi show. Some where very impressive.
I found the open baffle systems far better than the closed boxes that I’ve heard. (I’m not even a dipole kind of guy!).
But for me, the winner of the show was the Trio10. Hands down, the speaker was so convincing and working with such an ease and control and power and.. (I could go on) I was immediately convinced. Keep up the great work!

Frank Hieminga, Amsterdam, The Netherlands”

“先生们, 我想对展会的Trio10 AMT型号说两句:我几乎听遍了X-Fi的所有展房,有些展房声音很不错。 我发现障板音箱比有箱体的音箱好很多,我本人根本不是障板箱的粉丝啊! 但是对我来说,毫无疑问地,展会上最好听的是Trio10AMT,声音是如此地真实,自如,有控制力和力度。。。 我可以一直赞美下去。。我被真正地折服了。希望你们再接再厉! – Frank Hieminga, 来自阿姆斯特丹,荷兰”













荷兰客户Maarten 到展会现场和Ze’ev握手