Trio15 Vox – 荷兰客户公寓客厅

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“外观和表面质感棒级了!Maarten 选择了白色钢琴漆的障板, 这在他的公寓客厅了看起来非常漂亮。 我本人对器材外观并不那么在乎,但是这对喇叭让我对外观也刮目相看。

即便在小声播放的时候, 高中低音的平衡都非常好。

我不会去费时间比较Lowther和Voxativ 单元了。在我们一起聆听的时候, Maarten的脸上充满了喜悦。 他真的是为自己选对了喇叭,这是最重要的。 对我本人来说, 我下半辈子就和这对音箱过日子就知足了!”


Looks and cosmetics are just Great !! Maarten took the all white version and this just looking awesome in his apartment.
I’m not that much about “the looks” but this convinced even me to pay more attention to that kindda things !!

Even , playing at low level , there was a good sonic balance.

I’m not going into discussion about Lowther DX3 and Voxativ 1.6.
Maarten’s face was glowing and shining when we listened !!
He made the very right choice for himself and that’s the most important thing.

For myself : I could live very happy with this set for the rest of my life !!







Maarten 到荷兰音响展现场和以色列纯音CEO Ze’ev握手致谢