Trio15TB Neo – TNT Audio 法国评论

Posted on Posted in 用家反馈 是欧洲著名的音响评论杂志,该杂志完全不接受商业广告, 被称作是欧洲最诚实的评论媒体。 住在法国的评论员Graeme Budd 在他对Trio15TB Neo 评论中下了如下结论:

“我敢打赌,如果您在音响门店购买这么一套音箱的话, 你至少要花上五六千欧元, (这对喇叭直销定价是3500欧元, 你还要支付运费后自己组装。)从这个角度看, 这是个非常超值的音箱。它可以表现大场面,低音充足,结像优秀,需要大动态的时候也应付自如。在此基础上, 它还可以细致地表现细节,调动情感。我想很少有人会在购买后感到失望。我是否会向读者推荐这对喇叭?我想说, 只要您有大小合适的房间,我是一定会说- 买吧,不会错的!那些房间较小的读者们, 比如在英国的读者,我建议你们看看10寸的型号。15寸型号的出色表现已经说明了问题,那么就和你们的太太争得允许,享受下好声音吧!”

“I’m willing to bet that if you bought these in shop ready assembled you’d be talking at least 5k and possibly 6. Cast in that light this is a very serious speaker. They do scale, bass, imaging and are more than happy to boogie when required. Add to this subtlety, delicacy and a decent sized helping of emotion and I can’t see many people being disappointed. Would I recommend them to anyone? Subject to having a suitable size room I’d definitely say yes. Those with smaller houses (ie most UK residents) may wish to look at the smaller model but the big model makes a compelling case for itself so ignore domestic harmony and WAF and just enjoy some great sounding speakers.”