Trio15 Vox 美国客户从6个品牌音箱中选中此款

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美国客户Scott一直在寻找他最中意的音箱, 他试听了6个不同品牌的高端音箱后, 也试听了Trio15TB台湾全频后, 决定购入Trio15 Vox 德国全频型号。 以下是他购入后的反馈:

“Trio15 Vox型号音箱绝对是棒级了!声场的感觉是沉浸式的,声场的深度和细节令人难以置信。每种乐器和人声都清晰地表现在它们各自的位置,然而又混然一体,完美无缺。我发誓我听到了音乐在我的身边,在我身后,动听的音乐充满了房间,我不断地惊讶地回头看声音究竟从哪里来的, 简直令我着迷。。。”

” These speakers (Trio15 Voxativ) are just absolutely Spectacular!!!
The sound stage is “immense”, with so much depth and the detail is incredible.
Every instrument and voice occupies it’s own space and blends together so beautifully, just so right. I swear I hear things beside me, behind me, these speakers just fill the room with beautiful music, I keep being startled and I look around to see where the sounds are coming from, crazy… ”